Artist Statement - Animal Protest March

The industrialization and urbanization of western society in the last century has distanced humankind from nature - we seem to only appreciate its value in monetary terms.


We have cultivated an excessive demand for newer and more improved goods and have totally disregarded "Mother Nature"  even as scientists have told us that the Earth cannot support our polluting of air, water and the food chain.


Flooding the world market with goods and creating an artificial market trade, while the underdeveloped countries are still struggling to catch up to our standards in developing their own economy, is aggravating the problem rather than solving it. In short, our value system is seriously flawed.


For more than 30 years I have been working on this issue and have created and "Animal Protest March", which deplores mankinds exploitative attitude towards nature calling attention to the wasteful market economy and encouraging the adoptation of a more moderate and sustaining market policy.


The early works were an immediate response to the problem and utilized collage with recycled materials.


As work on this series progressed, it projected the animals disfigurations, fracturings, displacments and sufferings as a consequence of this environmental balance.


With "Animal Protest March" I hope to achieve an increased awareness of our universal dilemma and stimulate a change in attitude towards  mass consumerism.