Pulse of Istanbul - Artist Statement

The "Pulse of Istanbul" is paying homage to this beautiful city - formerly Constantinople - the Jewel of Europe and 'Gateway to the Orient'.


This city has endured different cultures and religions over the past several centuries and maybe this has helped shape the extraordinary aptitude of its people towards growth, change and the future.


This multicultural, welcoming, friendly, tolerant and accepting city has inspired me to put into colors and shapes abstractions of my personal impressions.


Above all I wanted to portray the spirit and relaxed atmosphere of Istanbul. The people in general contribute a lot but the situation and history add considerably to the atmosphere. 


Just living in the shadow of the majestic Hagia Sophia must have an uplifting influence on the most ignorant of persons.


It is my hope that this series will give you a glimpse of the most joyful experience I was privileged to have on my visit.


All works are painted with acrylic either on paper or canvas and some have collaged paper as well.